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Laurie Dawn

Buzz Roddy

"Real life husband and wife Buzz Roddy and Laurie Dawn set a merry pace with sword fights and slapstick, alcoholic binges and aggressive fisticuffs, broken legs and slamming doors.       
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"...One of the reasons Roddy is so effective in these scenes is that he has been husbanding his franticness, if you will, so that the “play” scenes are the conclusion of what might be called a slow comedic build..."

"Dawn, [is] funny… she is “up there” right from the opening moments of the play… a delightful romp and well worth the trip...."
    ---Geary Danihy NORWALK CITIZEN-NEWS
Burns & Allen.  Taylor & Burton.  Brangelina.  The Lunts.
Laurie and Buzz are each others favorite co-stars. Knowing ones partner was key when performing Greg Webster 's Herculeaen sword fight choreography. Having worked all across the country and the European continent together added a verisimiltude and a way of working that only true show biz troupers can muster. Laurie and Buzz are war horses - just like Charlotte and George. And they're funny (some say an important quality in comedy).  The couple keep fluent in their roles of Charlotte and George Hay in anticipation of their next opportunity to hit the ground acting.