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Shooting Now!

October 7 at 7:00pm

If you're in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, come by and see some fun radio plays and marvelous music and benfit New Century Theare at the same time.

The annual Life In The (413) - that's the telephone area code of the Pioneer Valley - is always a great event.

And I am the Emcee

Coming To Philadelphia, early 2019

7137 Germantown Ave., (Mt. Airy) Philadelphia, PA 19119
January 23 - February 17, 2019

as Nathan Detroit

SUE ME with​ Annie Kerins as Adelaide

Now on TV

Another year of "Bah, Humbugging"

Buzz starred as Cliff Clavin
in the US national tour of...

Sarah Sirota (Carla);  Barry Pearl (Coach);  Buzz Roddy (Cliff) 

Buzz Roddy (Cliff) & Barry Pearl (Coach)